Getting started



You have dug deeper into self-organization and see value in co-creating the change within your organization. Based on dozens of self-organization experiments, we have distilled three areas where most people need help to get started.

Self-org Kick-off

Get a common understanding of the ladder of self-organization and agree on where your ambitions lie within your organization
€ 1.980 Excluding VAT
  • Two hour workshop
  • For management and design team
  • Learn about different forms of self-organization
  • Agree on the self-org ambition of your organization
  • Create a common understanding of your journey

Self-org Experience

Experience a self-organization simulation -with everyone involved- in a safe environment and debrief on the patterns & behaviors
€ 2.580 Excluding VAT
  • Two hour workshop
  • For all people involved in self-organization
  • Experience the difference between autonomy and chaos
  • Create a shared language for the future
  • Provide everyone with more trust & security for the real thing

Co-creation Design

Create a draft plan on how your self-organization journey will start and how to co-create it with the people involved
€ 6.820 Excluding VAT
  • Full day workshop
  • For the design team
  • Explore the self-organization framework
  • Tap into the learnings of other self-organization journeys
  • Start designing the workshops needed to co-create